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Monday, August 14, 2006

first day

Not able to post pictures yet. intresting how far the media have failed to show the effects of conflict on Israeli society. The constant daily checks that are carried out. Searching of bags,bomb scares happenning on a regular basis, the constant loss of friends and colleagues from one conflict to another without any feeling of a real respite. Even today the scepticism in the air re hizbollah stopping there actions was strong. and sure Israelis are not the only ones suffering. But why is it we only tend to hear the side that does not involve israel. It is without doubt appalling. And if as we are told that the jews control the media they are doing an extremely poor job. Even with the ceasefire beginning today nobody reports on the daily attempts to carry out a suicide attack. not just one a day. How does one deal with an ideology of death. When you base your actions on a set of ideas that support this type of action where is there room for dialogue?


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